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Premium Palm Oil from Africa Indo Business

Indulge in Perfection with Our Palm Oil Varieties

At Africa Indo Business, we proudly present the finest Palm Oil sourced directly from the lush plantations of Malaysia and Indonesia. As a leading importer and supplier, we bring you a product that embodies purity, quality, and the rich heritage of palm oil cultivation. Join us on a journey of culinary delight as we unveil the exceptional qualities of our Palm Oil varieties: CP6, CP8, and CP10.

Heralding Nature’s Bounty: Africa Indo Business Palm Oil

The Essence of Purity

Our Palm Oil stands as a testament to the unspoiled beauty of nature. Extracted from the heart of palm fruits, our oil undergoes a meticulous process to ensure its purity and authenticity. Unadulterated and free from artificial additives, our Palm Oil preserves the richness of its source, delivering a truly natural and authentic flavor.

Directly Imported from Malaysia and Indonesia

Embrace the flavors of Southeast Asia with Palm Oil directly imported from the palm-rich landscapes of Malaysia and Indonesia. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that you experience the true essence of Palm Oil, a culinary treasure cherished across continents.

Varieties Tailored to Perfection

Africa Indo Business offers three main varieties of Palm Oil, each distinguished by its unique characteristics:

Known for its deep red color and mild flavor, CP6 Palm Oil is a versatile choice for a range of culinary applications. Its balanced profile makes it suitable for both cooking and as a key ingredient in various dishes.

Characterized by a vibrant red hue and a slightly stronger flavor, CP8 Palm Oil adds a distinctive richness to your culinary creations. Ideal for those who appreciate a more pronounced taste in their dishes.

The crème de la crème of Palm Oil, CP10, is celebrated for its premium quality and versatility. With a light texture and a mild yet delightful flavor, CP10 Palm Oil is the go-to choose for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs a like.

The Africa Indo Business Commitment

Unparalleled Supply Chain Integrity

As a leading importer, Africa Indo Business maintains the highest standards in our supply chain. From plantation to packaging, we ensure the integrity and freshness of our Palm Oil varieties. Trust us to deliver an authentic and premium product every time.

Serving the Heart of Africa

Africa Indo Business takes pride in bringing the goodness of Palm Oil to the shores of Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and beyond. Join the countless satisfied customers who rely on us for their Palm Oil needs and experience the richness of our offerings.

Why Choose Africa Indo Business Palm Oil?

1. Authenticity Preserved

Our Palm Oil is directly sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia, preserving its authentic taste and aroma. Indulge in the true essence of Southeast Asian cuisine.

2. Versatile Culinary Companion

Whether you’re frying, sautéing, or simply drizzling over your favorite dishes, our Palm Oil varieties – CP6, CP8, and CP10 – cater to diverse culinary preferences.

3. Premium Quality Assurance

Africa Indo Business is synonymous with quality assurance. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every drop of our Palm Oil meets the highest industry standards.

4. Rich in Nutrients

Palm Oil is naturally rich in nutrients, including vitamin E and beta-carotene. Enhance the nutritional profile of your meals with the wholesome goodness of our Palm Oil.

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Packaging Type

Jute bag, PP bag, Non-Woven bag, or as per buyer's choice.

Supply Ability

2000-3000 tons Per Week

Delivery Time

10-15 Days



Trustworthy Partner

Africa-Indo Business stands out as a trustworthy partner in the import-export landscape. Their dedication to quality soybeans and Indian White Rice 5% Broken has played a crucial role in meeting the demand in Burkina Faso. A truly reliable ally!

- Sibiri Ouattara, Burkina Faso


Premium-Quality Rice Product

Africa-Indo Business stands out as a reliable source for top-quality rice products i.e. Basmati and Non-Basmati. The consistency in their product and their support in navigating international trade regulations have been invaluable.

- Fatima Abdullah, Dubai, UAE

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